How It Works

These large lithium-ion portable generators have multiple outputs that can charge smaller electronics as well as laptops, mini fridges, and serve as home emergency power supplies. We believe our Generatr™ 1200 is hands down the best portable power source for tailgating. Your need for a large-scale portable power supply that doesn’t make lots of noise is the EnerPlex® Generatr™ 1200 because it can be recharged from the wall or with our extremely rugged Commandr high performance solar panels. Commandr™ flexible solar chargers fold up easily into a small package for transport. Our Generatr™ 100 portable power pack is great for any type of travel or outdoor adventure, it keeps families happy because their smartphones and tablets can be charged up several times, it keeps business traveler’s tablets and Chromebooks powered up. Camping and mountaineering takes a big leap for when you carry the lightweight Generatr™ 100 because you can power up an emergency light, camp lighting, satellite phones & messengers as well as survival beacons.

  • The EnerPlex® Generatr™ 100 & 1200 portable solar generators can be charged via a standard wall outlet or with our Commandr™ series light, flexible, folding high-power output solar panels


  • Once charged, the Generatr™ 100 with its 94 watt-hour lithium-ion power pack can power small-to-medium devices all the way up to a laptop, while the Generatr™ 1200 can power your most power hungry devices with its high-tech 1231 watt-hour lithium-ion power pack. The Generatr™ S100 is portable enough to stuff in one of our solar backpacks for a quick charge, or carry in your car to stay powered up on long camping trips. You can plug one of our 20 watt or 45 watt Commandr™ series solar panels into your Generatr™ 100 and recharge with free power supplied from the sun.


  • At an ultra light 42 pounds the Generatr™ 1200 is the ultimate portable generator. We’ve all known someone with a gas powered generator, like a Honda® generator and they always complian about the noise, smell, and having to haul/store gasoline. The Generatr™ 1200 is the ultimate generator because it’s lightweight, fume free, and quiet. And their no need to buy, haul, or store fuel because you’re going to be recharging with the free power supplied from the sun when you add our Commandr™ series light, flexible, folding solar panels. You can plug up to four Commandr™ 20 watt or 45 watt high-power solar panels directly into the Generatr™ 1200. You can even add additional lithium-ion or lead acid external batteries to your Generatr™ 1200 solar generator to increase your power storage.