Posted: 03/28/2017 2:16:44 PM

The EnerPlex #RoadtoCES!

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest tradeshow in the world. It’s an event that invites professionals from all over the world to gather and see the latest in technology and innovation. At CES 2015, over 175,000 people attended and over 3,600 companies debuted never-before seen products. In the world of consumer electronics and technology, there’s no place you’d rather be to start off the New Year!
Preparing for such a show is no easy task; the preparation begins as soon as the previous show ends. Booth layouts, marketing strategies, product planning and product photography are just a few of the many aspects that go into putting your best foot forward at a show as prestigious as CES. For EnerPlex, that preparation has been a long, but rewarding, journey: here’s an inside-look at a few of the highlights!

When launching new products, the need for new product photography is inevitable. We spent a lot of time with our friends at SparkShop Creative coming up with new and creative ways to best capture the essence of our new designs.
One of the first photoshoots we completed in preparation for CES was meant specifically for one of our newest portable batteries: The Jumpr Fit. These photos were taken at SparkShop’s temporary “studio”, just west of downtown Denver.
Note: This particular photo (below) may have been used somewhere within our Booth at CES…Stop by & we’ll give you a free portable battery if you can find it!

The photoshoots continue: here are a few shots from a separate photoshoot a little while later. This was with SparkShop Creative, as well. Here, we were aiming to create photos for the Jumpr Pro: a product that was so new, it didn’t even have a prototype yet. This required some creativity and problem solving on our part, but in the end, we walked away with some great, sophisticated images.

One of our final photoshoots was a filming session for the Generatr 1200, our highest capacity battery in our Emergency vertical. Although not our newest product, it is one of the most essential, and we wanted to convey just how important this powerful life-saver can be when in a disastrous situation. Stop by our booth at LVCC South Hall booth #30155 to see the final version! (You’ll never want to be caught without one, again.)


Press Kits
One of the final steps in our preparation for CES 2016 was to assemble gift packages for members of the press. Nothing encourages people to “come see our booth/check out our new products” like a free Jumpr Stack 3! Didn’t receive one of these? Don’t worry, we’ll have other freebies at the show!

We’re all very excited to be in Las Vegas and show off our newest solutions for mobility power! Find us at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) South Hall 3 (upper level) booth #30155!
Map courtesy of CES