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Post #153: Arrived in Namche Bazaar 3500m/11,500’ April 8 2015

Post #153: Arrived in Namche Bazaar 3500m/11,500’ April 8th 2015.

Jon K & CTomer: Posted on Wednesday, April 08, 2015 7:51 AM

Namche is one of my all time favorite places to visit.  An exquisite mountain village and the Capitol of the Khumbu Region.  Everest Bakery boasts some of the best Apple Pie Ever! Today I checked into the Namche Hotel for a couple days to rest, relax, and enjoy the town.  At only $20 bucks a night; that's a bargain for a nice comfy room, back porch with views of the village and giant mountains, and a HOT SHOWER!   

I am so grateful and thankful to be able to come back to this part of the world again.  I left Kathmandu yesterday via helicopter because the afternoon was cloudy, rainy and windy, and planes weren’t flying to Lukla, so I improvised.  I talked the Nepali Aviation administrator into a $300 ride to Lukla and I was suddenly whisked away from Kathmandu over the foothills of Nepal. An hour later the helicopter touched down in Lukla and I took shelter in the local “Starbucks Lukla” Coffee Shop during a rain storm for an hour.  The cakes, pastries and hot drinks are unlike any elsewhere and we’ll continue to see this trend as I move up through the Villages and Teahouses. Hot chocolate and chocolate layer cake was downed and once the rain stopped I took an enjoyable two hour stroll down the path to Phakding (2800m) for the evening. It was so silent before reaching the river, and I always feel the peace and enjoyment knowing I’ve taken a break from the rest of the world.

image2.jpegIt’s Spring here in the Khumbu along the Dudh Kosi river and so the Rhododendron and other trees are flowering.  Pinks, reds, purples and white, as well as some awesome blue and lavender colors.  The aromas are powerful and refreshing.  It’s truly my favorite time of year and again I feel so very fortunate to be trekking amongst the giant peaks.   

Last night the Yeti Mountain Lodge in Phakding awarded me with some incredible accommodations.  That place is like a castle!  I had actually chartered the helicopter with a guy named Steve who was stranded at Kathamandu for 2 days trying to get to Lukla.  We met up on the trail again to Phakding and decided to share a suite for at the Yeti Mountain Lodge.  Steve is an interesting guy.  He was a Navy Seal and now works in Afghanistan as a Fire Lieutenant.  He’s been shot a few times working in his professions and yet is one of the funniest and insightful guys I have met, and had some awesome stories to share. We’ll probably meet up again for some brews here in Namche.
Today’s trek up through the Khumbu was flawless. I began around 8am through Tak Tak, Benkar, and Monjo I went.  Glimpses of the 5000m peaks like the Phakding Donda Massif and the 6000m Kunsum Kanguru Dominated so jagged and so clear!  Then I caught a wonderful glimpse of Khumbilia (5761m/ 18,900’) above Namche in the distance as I hiked along the river.  The suspension bridges are a real treat as well, as you have to cross the rivers several times in a deep canyon.  One in particular was actually newly constructed since 2013, as I remembered it was different from when I trekked here in 2012.  At the confluence of the Dudh Kosi and the Bhote Kosi you are about 500 feet above the gorge on a spectacular cable suspension bridge.  I found myself halfway across the 800 foot span of bridge only to see a yak coming straight across the bridge at me!  Fortunately the yak paused and let me pass once we came to crossing one another. Phakding to Namche this morning was a nice enjoyable 4 hour trek, and tons of fun. 

TrekToNamche.jpegI feel great.  At 11,500’  here in Namche we are getting high but this is where it is important to get off your feet, relax, eat some good food and really let your body adjust.  Tomorrow morning I will go up to 13,000’ to the Everest View Hotel to catch the sunrise and shoot some awesome photos.  This is where you can get some phenomenal glimpses of Everest and Lhotse.  By climbing up to 13,000’ then taking another night in Namche, the base of good acclimatization is starting in my body.  By the 10th it will be time to head up to some higher villages.  The plan is to trek northeast then north through the Bhote Kosi Valley to Thame for a night at almost 13,000’/3880m then push on to Marulung and Lung Dung at 4200m.  I will then proceed east over the Renja Pass (5417m/17,800’)  to Gokyo and Gokyo Ri.  Yes, this is the Scenic Route to Everest Basecamp, and since I have until the 16th to meet up with my Climbing team to Lhotse, it's an incredible opportunity to see some lost corners of the Himalayas.
Stay tuned for more adventure in the coming days! Again, when I am on the move my SPOT Beacon will be on:  Link:



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