Posted: 03/28/2017 11:40:14 AM

A Shift in Jon’s Expedition

As you may already know, our ambassador, Dr. Jon Kedrowski, has been on Everest and its surrounding areas for the past few weeks. Since the earthquake in Nepal last week on April 25, the nature of Jon’s trip has changed. What started as a climbing expedition has now shifted toward assisting Nepal in whatever ways he can, which happens to include Jon’s other area of expertise: science.  


Jon has a Ph.D. in Geography, Weather and Climate, and the scientist in him can’t help but be curious about the geographical ramifications that this earthquake has had on the earth. There is speculation that the earthquake may have altered how tall and how wide Mount Everest is, but the only way to know for sure is to gather data from various data stations located near the mountain.
Jon has been called upon to go and retrieve said data from one of these stations in Namche, which needs to be done by Wednesday before the data will be overwritten. If the measurements have changed significantly, there is a chance that maps of that area will need to be redone. To hear more about it and Jon’s involvement, check out his blog post here.  


Also, before he was asked to gather this data and in a separate blog post, he provided a detailed recap of what happened the day of the earthquake, from the perspective of a scientist, and described what he has seen in the days after. He talks about what the earthquake felt like; how the avalanche, sonic blast and resulting damage happened; why the climbers at camps I and II had to be rescued via helicopter; and more. It is quite fascinating; check it out