Meet our ambassadors! This group of athletes, photographers, enthusiasts and more are helping us spread what EnerPlex is all about! Whether it’s at the north pole or while road tripping across the USA, each of them have a specific need for portable power. 

Eric Larsen – Polar Explorer

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Favorite Adventure Destination: Antarctica, northern Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Crested Butte, Colorado! 


“I spend a lot of time in very remote and very cold environments where having a reliable power source is paramount. Enerplex is the perfect solution for me becuase both the panels and batteries are extremely light weight and compact (I can’t carry excess weight). Equally important, Enerplex panels are thin film (vs mono crystalline), which offers better power in low light and overcast situations, which is where I am most of the time – in the mountains or at the poles.”

Dr. Jon Kedrowski – Mountaineer / Big Mountain Skier 

Hometown:  Vail, CO
Favorite Adventure Destination:  Himalayas or Karakoram of Asia  (Nepal and Pakistan)
     Dr. Jon’s Website:

     Current Project: 


“Enerplex solves my needs for portable power by keeping my cameras charged up so that I don’t miss that rare shot from the highest summits, the deepest powder, or from the furthest corner of the globe.”

Max Seigal – National Geographic Photographer

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Favorite Adventure Destination: Moab, Utah


“As a professional photographer, the most important thing for me is being ready on the fly. With EnerPlex gear, I can always count on my batteries being charged and my cameras ready, no matter where I am in the world.”

The Bro’d Trip – Van Life / Living Off-the-Grid

Hometown: Winter Springs, FL   –   Currently: Wherever in America my van’s parked.
Favorite Adventure Destination:  
     Adam Fricke: 
I love the mountains and desert but my favorite place to be is the beach. I’ve come to love El Salvador and California as my favorite surf and sun destinations.
     Justin Fricke: Costa Rica and Western North Carolina


“How does EnerPlex solve my need for portable power? It’s so much easier to stay charged on the go; whether it be my phone, camera batteries, laptop, or thermo-electric cooler; I can keep everything juiced and ready when I need it.” – Justin Fricke (Pictured Right)

“EnerPlex gives me (and The Bro’d Trip) the ability to get off the grid and still have power for things needed to operate. Laptops, camera batteries, phones, you name it. EnerPlex powers it!”
– Adam Fricke (Picured Left)

Gordon McArthur – Professional Climber

Hometown: Cranbrook, BC 
Favorite Climbing Destination: Usine, France 


“Whether thick in the mountains, or racing through the every-day, having Enerplex with me gives me the chance to stay fully charged and connected.”

Fresh Off the Grid – Camp Cooking & Lifestyle Bloggers

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Adventure Destination: Sierra Nevada Mountains

“As freelance photographers and writers traveling full time, Enerplex allows us to work off the grid anywhere our adventures take us.”

Kimberly Ciesla – Outdoors Enthusiast / Lifestyle Blogger 

Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan 
Favorite Adventure Destination:
“Upnorth” in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, or anywhere across the USA for that matter. We love to travel and new adventures! 😉 


“EnerPlex puts the power in your hands to work and play anywhere your life takes you.”

Cormac O’Brien – Adventurer / Photographer

Hometown:  Santa Barbara, CA
Favorite Adventure Destination:  I’m not sure if I’ve been there yet…  Anywhere that allows me to go paragliding, scuba diving and a ground sport in the same day is heaven for me!


“We live in an age of portable electronics that constantly need power. EnerPlex is the lightest and fastest way to harness that huge nuclear reactor in the sky to continue the fun!”